9-16-2018 Help Unity Grow Meeting Recap

Unity of Madison HUG Meeting - September 16, 2018
The September HUG meeting was well attended and very enthusiastic!!  We started with honoring Suzann Maas for her 15 years of service to the Hospitality Team.  We so appreciate her willingness to head up a team responsible for coffee and goodies!!
We also took time to honor Rev Judy for her three years here at Unity of Madison.  We wish her the best as she leaves us for retirement.  Her final talk will be this Sunday, Sept 23.
The Board has formed teams to organize the day to day duties for covering the management of the office and to support Jonathan.  There are many opportunities for Sacred Service.  Sign up sheets were offered to volunteer for help during the transition and clearing the church building.  Many volunteers came forward to help fill in for speakers on Sundays.
Jean Tupper spoke of the Sunday 8:30am Meditation Service.  Several Prayer Chaplains have volunteered to facilitate the service.  Anyone can volunteer, there is a script and Ari-John does all the music.
The Board is in contact with UWM and GLURC to begin the process of looking for an interim minister and a new minister.
Jean Tupper handed out the survey results.  Some asked for hard copies of the survey as they did not receive it via email.  Copies of the results are in the foyer.
The House Sale is closing on Friday, Oct 5th.  It has been purchased by a couple with an infant and a dog. We look forward to welcoming them to the neighborhood.  Please do not park in their driveway!
Church repairs to include new windows, upgrade the electrical system in the kitchen, air conditioning, and flooring are going to start on Monday, Oct 8th.
Clearing of the Upper and Lower Levels needs to be done before any work can begin.  Sign up sheets are in the foyer for the Church Building Clear Out happening next week Saturday, Sept 29.
Ron Ruzicka explained our financials. Full reports are printed and hanging on the foyer bulletin board. Unity of Madison is the midst of many changes that will affect our financial situation.  The sale of the church house will lessen our overall expenses.  We continue to rely on your support and attendance. This is an exciting time for Unity of Madison and there is abundance for all.
The Board is working with UWM to search for an interim minister as well as a full time minister.  It may take some time and while we are working with UWM, we here at Unity of Madison need to work on who we are and what we want our community to represent.
A huge thank you to all the members that stepped up to volunteer and generously offered to help with the transition and work to be done on the church.
The Board of Trustees