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Satsang at Unity Saturday, December 02, noon - 4pm, LL

Madison Satsang: a gathering of like-minded beings following Amma's vision of selfless service, love and compassion. 

Satsang is a word which comes from sanskrit, meaning "to associate with true people", to be in the company of true people - sitting with a sat guru, or in a group meeting seeking that association. Inner satsang is to raise the consciousness to a level of realization that soul (atma) and Lord (Parmatma) are One.

Guest Speaker Henry Sanders Sunday November 5th

Henry Sanders is CEO and co-founder of Selfless Ambition.  The mission of Selfless Ambition is to build capacity and excellence in our neighborhoods by connecting them to caring faith communities.  In fostering collaboration between church communities and the neighborhoods in which they are located, Selfless Ambition hopes to leverage the resources of faith communities for genuine, transformative change and to create the greatest possible community impact. 

Prayer Chaplain Orientation: Saturday Jan 6, 2018; 1pm in Lower Level

Your Unity of Madison Prayer Chaplain Team is extending an invitation to all: consider joining us!  This orientation session will give you information about what is involved in the Sacred Service that is being a Unity Prayer Chaplain, as well as the 2018 Training Schedule.

Prayer Chaplain 2018 Orientation
Saturday, January 6th
1 - 2:30pm; Lower Level


Youth Ministry Teacher position

We're looking to hire a Youth Ministry Teacher for our Youth Ed program.  Position will report to Director of Youth Ministry.  2 Sundays per month; 3 hours per week (2 hours in the classroom Sunday am, 1 hour prep).




Job Description


Title:  Youth Ministry Teacher

Reports to:  Director of Youth Ministry

Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window
By Marie Doty
This edition: Joy Morgen - Social Justice Ministry, Usher and Board of Trustees

Many of us, as we age, have doubts that we’ve lived our life to the fullest of our abilities. Joy Morgen should have none.


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