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Treasurer's Update 7-26-2018

Donations and Expenses are slightly improved in June 2018. Donations of $15,212 received for June, 2018 were up from the June 2017 amount of $12,743. Decreasing expense also helped with our bottom line. This leaves the Church with Net Income of $1,864 for June of 2018. We are still carrying a 2018 YTD Net Loss of $17,638.

Minutes from 2017 Annual Meeting

Unity of Madison Annual Meeting

February 26, 2017

12:20 PM


45 Members In Attendance


Call to Order/Welcome                       Jenny Persha Vice President in the absence of President 

                                                          Tyrone Bell, who is ill


Opening Prayer                                  Pat Arnold


Approval of Minutes                            Motion by Ken Adi Ring and seconded by Jim Prosser to


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