"Our Journey in Song"
As we make the move to one 10am service on Sunday mornings, we are also committed to exploring alternative schedules and formats for our service offerings so that we can better serve the changing needs of our community and create a more welcoming environment for those who are seeking spiritual community without the religious trappings.  The 7:05 Mid-week Convergence offers a new format and approach consistent with our intention to meet people where they are by seeking out new and creative ways for our souls to connect while infusing new life and energy into our traditional ways of gathering and sharing this journey.
Convergence:  the act of coming together and moving toward a unified whole
Synonyms for Convergence:  gathering; joining; meeting; centering; focusing; unity
Please join us each Wednesday at 7:05pm for “Our Journey in Song”.  Today’s music is filled with stories of our experiences here on the human plain – our joys and sorrows, our struggles to make sense of it all, our efforts to work through our disappointments and challenges, and our need to share it all with each other.  “Our Journey in Song” is a place to hear the music we love, to explore its deeper meanings, to share our own experiences, and to discover the spiritual lessons that are there for the learning.
This is your opportunity to exercise a “refresh” or “restart” option, your chance to gather, center, and find some unity as our souls connect.


February 14th, 2018 7:05 PM   through   8:05 PM
601 Tompkins Drive
Madison, WI 53716
United States