Events List


Sunday Lineup: 830 Meditation, 10am Service

What's Next?  Church repair and upgrade work underway! 
UL & LL not available til (?).  No Sunday Childcare
or Youth Education until Upper Level remodel complete.

Nov 17   Sat: Pathway to Your Soul Workshop, Josie Collins, $25
Nov 18   Tajali Tolan: BePeace, 10am Service. BePeace Practice Group after service, $10
Nov 24   Sat: Sacred Sound Healing Concert: 7pm, $15, S
Nov 25   Community Thanksgiving Meal, after 10am Service, in our remodeled Lower Level!
Dec 01   Sat: 
Community Meeting "Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet" 10am - noon.
Dec 02   FUNraiser to "Retire the Debt" - Unity Silent Auction, 9am, LL
Dec 02   Guest Speaker Rev. Carla McClellan, 10am Service
Dec 09   Guest Speaker Rev. Carla McClellan, 10am Service
Dec 09   Sound Healing with Tony Z, 11:45am, $10, S
Dec 14   Fri: Evening of Meditative Music w/ Pete Calgaro, 7pm, $15
Dec 16   All-Music Sunday, 10am



Sunday Lineup: 830 Meditation, 10am Service

Most Moving To Sanctuary At Scheduled Times
*Check with your Group/Meeting Leader*

Drum Circle: 2nd Sunday, before service @ 9:30am, S
Social Justice: 3rd Sunday; 11:30am, UL
Ancient Wisdom: Every other Sunday, 3 - 5:15pm; $10, Sanctuary

Psychics Unite: Every other Monday, 6:30pm; Lower Level

16-Step Women's Discovery & Empowerment OPEN Group: 7 - 8pm; Upper Level

Friday Fellowship: Every Friday, 10am; Location varies, check web calendar
Prayer Shawl Ministry: 1st Friday, 10am; Location varies, check web calendar
Sacred Journeying Circle: 2nd and 4th Friday, 7pm; $20, Upper Level

Men's Breakfast: 2nd Saturday, 9 -11am; Lower Level
Satsang: 2nd Saturday, noon - 4pm; Lower Level