Gift Basket for Rev Evin

A UNITY welcome to Wisconsin! 

To help Rev. Evin Wilkins and his wife, Mindy, transition to our community, we would like to present him/them with a  Basket of Goodies.

The basket and check-list are downstairs in the Hospitality area.   If you’re adding to the existing envelopes, please check to make sure there are no duplicates. Thank you.

Please check off the items you’re adding. Rev. Evin will be on his own for a while, so that might help influence your choice.

  1. WI themed mugs, water bottes, etc.
  2. UW themed items
  3. Green Bay Packer items (Mindy already found a Packers scarf)
  4. And then, there are the Bucks & The Brewers, too.
  5. Gail Ambrocious gift certificate or chocolates
  6. Local cheeses
  7. Local sausages
  8. Gift certificate for Willy Street Co-op
  9. Gift certificate for bicycle tune-up
  10. Gift certificate for massage (for him to use now) 
  11. Gift certificate for both (for later)
  12. Other wellness gift certificate or items  
  13. Porchlight information &/or goods
  14. DAIS information
  15. Restaurant gift cards
  16. Other WI items you think appropriate

Thank you all so very much, Your Elves, Kay Frazier & Joy Morgen