Introducing Transitional Minister Reverend Carla McClellan

Please welcome our Interim Transitional Minister, Rev. Carla McClellan!
"Rev Coach Carla" is an ordained Unity minister, certified Life Coach, and leadership trainer.  She empowers and inspires others to come alive to a purposeful and meaningful life.  She loves to draw the best out of people and organizations so that life becomes easier and fun while effectively making a difference in the world.  She has been called your soul’s best friend.

Rev Coach Carla will join Barry Roberts, LUT, in facilitating our Community Meeting on Saturday, December 1st , 10am - noon.  They will guide us in a group "Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet" process as we explore who we are as a community today and what Unity of Madison is looking for as we search for a new, full-time minister.  Rev Carla will also speak the first 2 Sundays in December, all 4 Sundays in January, and the last 2 Sundays in February.

Rev Coach Carla is full of wisdom, enthusiasm, and is excited to join us during this time of transition.  She invites you to contact her at or her cell at 816 - 572 - 2204 during her office hours (Mon - Thurs, 10am - 4pm).  Feel free to contact Jonathan to schedule an office appointment with her as well (221-1376).