Minutes from 2017 Annual Meeting

Unity of Madison Annual Meeting

February 26, 2017

12:20 PM


45 Members In Attendance


Call to Order/Welcome                       Jenny Persha Vice President in the absence of President 

                                                          Tyrone Bell, who is ill


Opening Prayer                                  Pat Arnold


Approval of Minutes                            Motion by Ken Adi Ring and seconded by Jim Prosser to

            approve minutes as presented.  Approved


Ministers Report                                  Rev Judy Pilat

Appreciation to Diane Pauly and Tyrone Bell for their service on the Board.

Rev Judy stated the 7 programs were hosted and 30 out of 52 weeks had classes and hoping to do more.

Donations at 99% of target.  Expenses are under budget with no liabilities or debt.

We are co-creating Prosperity By :

Appreciations to:

1. Ron Ruzicka is generously helping to obtain computer equipment at good prices

2. Ann Zenner cleaned basement. Released, recycled, and repurposed.

            Bob Bennicoff installed dehumidifier.

3.Diane Pauly and Geri Bennicoff raised $2500

4.Jean Verschey for landscaping help

5.Jim Prosser - computer equipment

6. Staff - Jonathon Motley, Deb and Krista, Pete and Diane Gould

Addition of paid position - Jim Prosser resigning and Ari John will fill in

Created new positions – Tech Services Team Leader and Production Coordinator - Lisa Peterson

Set up website to provide online donations with Vanco

First PFOF attended by 30 people. Led by Barry Roberts


Presidents Report - Jenny Persha

More Board training has been done.  The Board created mutual agreements.

The Board has eliminated the Finance and Service teams and established liaison teams to better serve the community.

The Board sponsored picnic and Thanksgiving dinner was fun!!

Please sign up for Spirit Groups


Treasurer's Report - Ann Zenner

Grateful to all who donate time, talent and money.

The floating tithes are decided monthly by committee and posted monthly in the “cry” room.


Qualifications for Board Service - Suzan Maas Nomination Committee Chair

Introduction of Nominees:  Joy Morgan, Fern Langenberger, Jean Tupper and Laura Shaffer


Call for Nominations from the Floor - Jenny Persha



Election of Trustees

Membership Voting Results

Joy Morgan and Laura Shaffer elected to three year term

Jean Tupper and Fern Langenberger elected as one year alternates


Selection of Nominating Committee Team Chair and alternate - Rev Judy Pilat

Kay Frasier was nominated by Ari John White-Wolf and second by Lloyd Rowley


As Alternate: Elaine Stebleton was nominated by Ann Zenner and second by Ron Ruzicka



Recommendation from By-Laws Review Team - Pat Arnold Chairperson

Motion by Ken Adi-Ring and second by Kay Frasier to accept By-Law changes presented by committee and approved by Board.



Question and Answer Session - Rev. Judy Pilat and Board Members

Change in Peace Song words due to copyright laws.

Is the community interested in more Social Justice activity

What is Mission Centric

Put new ideas on website

Publish Board minutes on website

Community would like more classes

Community would appreciate more classic songs and sheet music.  Give more time to change from books to screens.

We need volunteers to move chairs to aid in cleaning sanctuary floor.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Steve Roberts and second by Carol Harm

Adjourned at 1:50 PM.


Minutes submitted by Laura Shaffer