Opportunities to Serve

Opportunities to Serve

This year we have had many changes in our community.  Starting with the sale of the house at 705 Tompkins, renewing our current spaces and the retirement of key people in our community. We so appreciate all the efforts put forth by so many to create our beautiful and welcoming church.

With that has come the retirement of some key folks namely Bob Bennicoff (Gerry), Denise Stace-Naughton and Deb Lucas. Their many years of commitment to this church has helped us thrive, and now their leaving creates space for new folks the opportunity to serve.

Following are descriptions for these new opportunities for you to say yes!!


Maintenance  (Volunteer or paid position depending on skill set)

Our renewed facility needs to be kept an eye on, on a weekly basis. That would include keeping up with the general inspection of the elevator; to changing light bulbs; to changing furnace filters.  We are not asking for someone to repair anything, but to have someone to go to if say the bathroom floor is flooded, that person would call the plumber.  If the heat goes out to call for furnace repair. Right now, those duties fall to Jonathan and the Board of Trustees.

Garden Team Lead

We have the most beautiful gardens!!  Many thanks to our recent and long-ago Garden Leaders and Helpers!  

Duties would include:

February/March organize and run with volunteers, gift card sales to raise money for plants and other supplies.

Spring Clean up - Recruit volunteers , order supplies, organize tools and people to prep areas with mulch and get rid of winter debris and then plant annuals.  This is always a fun day for all participants and ends with a great lunch!!

During the summer there is watering and weeding and trimming (about 3.5 hrs per week depending of the weather).

Fall Clean up    Sometime in October, again it would be recruiting volunteers to clear gardens and put away all tools, hoses, etc.   And also there is a fun luncheon for all!!

Detailed job description available at the Unity office.


Youth Ed Director Helen Kenyon Hired 2-25-2019