Our History

History of Unity of Madison

Unity of Madison began as a study group in 1955 and initially met in private homes and later at the YWCA Chapel.  The building at 4607 Winnequah Road in Monona was purchased in 1974. 

Services were held at the Winnequah Road location until the current building at 601 Tompkins Drive was purchased in 1992. 

In 1995, the house next door at 705 Tompkins Drive was purchased and currently serves as the church office.

Here is our detailed history:

1955              Roland and Edith Diehl started a study group in Madison.

1955-1957     Rev. Marguerite McAdams was the minister; services were held in homes.

1959-1962     Rev. Ferne Mack was the minister; office was on Gorham; services were held at YWCA chapel.

1961               February 14, Unity Center of Madison was incorporated.

1963-1966    The church was dormant and served by neighboring ministries.

1967               Revs. Phil and Mary Stovin were the ministers.

1968               Rev. Terry Haven was the minister.

1969               Rev. Dorothy Paul was the minister; services were held at YMCA.

1970               Rudy Leidig was the minister.

1972-1975     Rev. Adelaide Diblee was the minister.

1974               Purchase of 4607 Winnequah Road in Monona.

1975-1984      Rev. Duane Hardy was the minister.

1978                Ara Helen McDonald became a  Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT).

1979                Lois Jensen became a LUT.

1981-84          Unity of Madison sponsored Robert Schuller at Coliseum and Leo Buscaglia and Zig Ziglar at the Civic Center.

1985-1989       Rev. Eunice Chagnon was minister until 1989 when she left to form Unity Church of Peace, on the west side of  Madison. It is no longer in operation.  Her husband, Spence Chagnon was a LUT.

1986                 February 14 was Unity of Madison's 25th anniversary.

1990-1991       Dr. Wanda Beddinghouse served from Fall 1990 to April 1991

1991-1992       Bill Clarke was a “supply” minister, filling interim duties from July 1991 until August 1992.

1992                 Purchase of 601 Tompkins Drive in Madison as permanent church home.  Moved in July 1992.

1992-2000       Rev. Roger Goodwin served as minister from August 1992 until 2000.

1995                 Purchase of 705 Tompkins Drive next door as church office.

2000-2001       Interim Consultant Jeanette Monterio served as minister.

2001-2003       Rev. Ted Schneider was minister from October 2001 until April of 2003.

2003-2004       Rev. Joy Young, Interim Minister, served from June 2003 until fall 2004.

2004-2014       Rev. Marshall Norman served from November 2004 until December 2014.

2011                  February 14 was Unity of Madison's 50th anniversary.

2012                  Barry Roberts became a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT). 

2014                  Full Sanctuary remodel and front lawn Labyrinth installation.

2015                  Rev. Marty Newman, Transitional Ministry Consultant, served from February-August 2015. 

2015                  In November, Rev. Judy Pilat became our new minister.