Reminder: Upcoming Sunday Schedule Changes (January 21st)

For those people who are affiliated with or consider themselves to be members of a specific church congregation, the definition of “regular attendance” at Sunday services is changing – from virtually every Sunday, to 2-3 Sundays a month, to 1-3 Sundays a month.  This is true for most churches in all denominations, regardless of congregation size.
Here at Unity of Madison, we have about 150 individuals who attend our services on a regular basis, and on any given Sunday, about two-thirds of them are here in person.  While our livestream audience (which consists of people who are watching the service as it takes place) has remained fairly constant, our YouTube views have almost doubled.  One possible explanation is that people are “doing church” at a place and time fits their busy schedules.  They are getting the message where and when they can, because Sunday morning doesn’t work with their schedule or their lifestyle.  
While we have made some recent investments into our hardware and software to improve both the live viewing and the YouTube experience, it is also our desire and intention to meet people where they are by seeking out new and creative ways for our souls to connect while infusing new life and energy into our traditional ways of gathering and sharing this journey.
The Board has recommended that we try out a new format for several months: go to just one 10am service on Sunday mornings and explore some alternative schedules and formats for our service offerings so that we can better serve the changing needs of our community and create a more welcoming environment for those who are seeking spiritual community without the religious trappings. 


  • Our Sunday Celebration service will be at 10am.  Youth Ministry programs will be offered at this time as well.
  • In lieu of a full service at 8:30am, we are offering a quiet, contemplative Prayer Circle and Meditation from 8:30 to 9:00am
  • Our fellowship and social time with coffee and healthy snacks will be held downstairs in our Namaste Cafe from 9 until 9:45 so everyone can come together in one place at one time.


We are grateful for everyone’s support and participation in this process that we began back in January of 2017 (Planning For Our Future) and we invite everyone to stay engaged as we move forward with a new, sustainable vision and a renewed commitment to our mission of transforming lives.  
Blessings to All, 
Reverend Judy