Satsang at Unity: Every 2nd Saturday in 2018, noon - 4pm, LL

Madison Satsang: a gathering of like-minded beings following Amma's vision of selfless service, love and compassion.  In 2018 Satsang will meet at Unity of Madison every 2nd Saturday.

Satsang is a word which comes from sanskrit, meaning "to associate with true people", to be in the company of true people - sitting with a sat guru, or in a group meeting seeking that association. Inner satsang is to raise the consciousness to a level of realization that soul (atma) and Lord (Parmatma) are One.

Every 2nd Saturday in 2018 
Noon - 4pm, Lower Level
Vegetarian potluck meal
Love Offering
"My father and Amma are kindred spirits." ~ Ms. Yolanda King, daughter of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From Amma's 2017 New Year message: "..There is no need to worry about the future. Ups and downs are the very nature of life. Spirituality is the science that teaches us to happily accept everything. If we change our mental attitude, we can manage the changes that happen in external situations as well. If someone knows how to swim, then swimming in the ocean becomes a delightful game. But those who do not know how can easily drown. Understanding spirituality helps us to face everything with mental strength. When problems come in life, some collapse, unable to face them. The spiritual person, however, will be able to face such times of hardship with equanimity."


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