Absolute Abundance

Absolute Abundance is back by popular request!

Join Revs. Evin Wilkins and Karen Romestan (Unity on Greenville in Dallas, TX) for another round of Absolute Abundance (Metamorphosis). This exciting 10 week prosperity journey begins Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30pm (class runs until approximately 8:00pm). Sign-up to travel this journey with both Unity of Madison and Unity on Greenville congregants! 

Click here to register for the class or email the church office at: office@unityofmadison.org.

Requirements of the class are as follows (some of these will be changes from the previous format, if you've already taken the class):

1) The cost of the program has changed. It is now $49.95 which can be used in a couple of ways:
 - IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THE CLASS, you can use it to purchase a new workbook (although it's the same as you already have). You can click here to do that or....you can use the same workbook and just tithe the $49.95 during our first class.
 - IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME TO TAKE THE CLASS, click here to purchase your workbook.
2) The class contains a committment to tithing. You will be required to tithe each week during a tithing ceremony at the end of each class (can be done online at that time or even just by writing a check during the ceremony, and then dropping it in the mail or bringing it by the church). You aren't required to tithe extra on top of what you already tithe. Your normal tithes DO count for this class!