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Youth Ministry Teacher position

We're looking to hire a Youth Ministry Teacher for our Youth Ed program.  Position will report to Director of Youth Ministry.  2 Sundays per month; 3 hours per week (2 hours in the classroom Sunday am, 1 hour prep).




Job Description


Title:  Youth Ministry Teacher

Reports to:  Director of Youth Ministry

Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window
By Marie Doty
This edition: Joy Morgen - Social Justice Ministry, Usher and Board of Trustees

Many of us, as we age, have doubts that we’ve lived our life to the fullest of our abilities. Joy Morgen should have none.

Planning For Our Future - Part 2: Saturday, March 25

The Planning For Our Future (PFOF) brainstorming and strategic planning process that we launched in January continues on Saturday, March 25th from 10am* to 1pm.  Please join us as we review the results of the “BRAG, WORRY, WONDER, BET” discussion and move into the important next steps of identifying our priorities and defining what success will look like.

The participants in our first session submitted a total of 310 comments, observations, ideas, and questions in the four categories identified above.  There were:


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