Guest Speaker Gregg Levoy + Noon Workshop

We are happy to welcome award-winning author and speaker Gregg Levoy back to Unity of Madison.  Gregg will be our 10am Guest Speaker on Sunday, August 25, and will follow the service with his "Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life" workshop from noon to 3pm ($30).

Callings examines the many kinds of calls we receive, and the great variety of channels through which they come to us. A calling may be to do something (change careers, go back to school, start or leave a relationship, move to the country, have a child) or calls to be something (more creative, less judgmental, more loving). You may be called toward or away from something, called to change or renew your commitment to something, or called to return to a place or pursuit in an entirely new way.

  • How do we recognize our calling?
  • How do we distinguish the true call from the siren-song?
  • How do we handle our resistance to a call?
  • What happens when we say no?
  • What happens when we say yes?

Callings Workshop
Sunday, August 25

Noon - 3pm, $30
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August 25th, 2019 8:30 AM   through   3:00 PM
601 Tompkins Drive
Madison, WI 53716
United States