How to join a Zoom event

General Instructions for Zoom Links

Please make sure to join 10-15 minutes before the event is scheduled to start, so you have time to properly log into the event and ensure everything works properly on your end, and that you are able to see/hear everybody. Please find a comfortable setting in your home that allows you to be away from any disturbances for the duration of the event.

You will be be able to join using any of the following options: laptop with camera (recommended), laptop without camera, desktop with/without camera, and ultimately you can use your smartphone as well (for this option download the Zoom app in advance).

You can choose to use headphones or not. Regardless of the option you decide to go with, we encourage you to test the speakers and mic (of the headphone, laptop, desktop or phone) in advance to ensure you can speak and hear clearly through them.

If you do not have an available mic in the device/accessory you are using, the Zoom application (phone and/or computer) has a chat texting option you will be able to use to ask questions to the meditation teacher leading the session.

For those who have never used Zoom before
Click on the link the event organizer has provided
The internet browser (whatever you have setup as default on your computer/phone) will automatically open. Select the option applicable to your situation (depending on whether you have use the tool before in this computer or not, select the applicable option).
If you have previously used the tool/app, the prompt to open it may show up automatically when the browser opens up.
Once you are into the app there are a couple of screens you'll need to go through to fully connect. The first one will prompt you to enter your name, the second one will ask you to join audio.
Once into the meeting, you can enable the video, if you have the option on your computer/phone available. We definitely encourage you to do so, especially during the discussion/talk part of the session.
You also have the option of muting your mic (although we'll be muting everybody during the meditation part of the session), accessing the chat, and even leave the session (if for some reason you can't stay connected the entire time).
Zoom via your smartphone (you can also use Zoom via your phone)
On your phone, dial the teleconferencing number provided in your invite.
Enter the meeting ID number when prompted using your dialpad.