Sunday Service Live Stream Only (No In-person Service)

Dear Unity of Madison Family,


As you may be aware, there are now several confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Dane county. As a result, our Unity of Madison board and I have decided to keep our community safe by moving to an online presence for our Sunday service tomorrow, March 15th. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep everyone informed as to future Sundays. (Our "Food for Spiritual Thought" class will be suspended until we move back to in-person classes.)

The online lesson will be both broadcasted live and recorded in our sanctuary. Please join us online for continued music, meditation, lesson, and prayer.

You can participate in this exciting online service through our website:

As we know, Unity was founded on prayer. I want you to know myself and our Prayer Chaplains are continuously praying during this time. I invite you to stay connected with our spiritual community in a new expanded way by joining us in this prayer consciousness, and by practicing our Unity principles to move from any fear or other feelings to trust during this public health crisis of the coronavirus. Please know we are closely monitoring what is going on in the county, state, and nationally. We are being informed and educated by medical professionals. 


Medical and county officials have urged residents aged 60 and older and anyone with chronic illness to avoid any large, public gatherings. Gatherings over 250 are also now banned. Some locations have requested all gatherings of less than 249 who are non-essential not to meet and if they do for people to have a social distancing guideline at least 6 feet distance from each other. This is to create more safety for the public and to ensure that health professionals are able to continue to have an adequate amount of supplies on-hand to treat those who need them.

We encourage you to follow the recommendations from public health officials to keep our community, the areas where you live or visit safe and disease free. You can click the link below for up-to-date information:


We also ask you to continue your love offerings, tithes, and donations. Our staff will continue to work and the church will still be in operation. You may continue to make your donations by visiting our website:

and by then clicking the Donate button. You may also mail in your donation or create a continuous automatic donation through your banking institution.


Please join me in this affirmation: I am seeing beyond what is appearing with my Spiritual lens to perfect health, safety for all, releasing fear, and claiming God power. 


We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep you informed as to any new changes that occur within our community. I invite you to continue to connect with your prayer chaplains or to call Silent Unity at 1-816-969-2000 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may also click here to contact Silent Unity online or in other ways if you wish:


You may also certainly call me for prayer or any concerns at (608) 221-1376. 


Your community is here for you so please do not feel as if you are in any way alone. We are stronger together and together, we will prevail. 


With Love, Light and Wholeness,

Rev. Ev