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Be still and tune within to the great source.

Charles Fillmore


Welcome to YouthEd News!  

Our YouthEd News provides families with up to date information on our Youth & Family Ministry program, as well as additional resources to support spiritual growth. 

Each post will include a note from your YFM Director, current and upcoming YouthEd happenings, a “Kids Corner” with fun activities, and a “For Parents” section with information and resources to further support you and your family.

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Covid Safety

As of 9/9/21, Dane County health officials have extended the indoor mask mandate for adults and children ages 2 and older, no matter vaccination status. This current mandate runs through 10/8/21.

A Note from Our YFM Director

We continue to hold space for more children returning to YouthEd.  Children and their families are an integral part of our spiritual community, and we are richer with their presence. 

We are enjoying the revitalized space and getting to know each other through our Sacred Circle time and various community building activities. 

We celebrate each child and look forward to our program growing as we welcome more families into our spiritual community.  

We hope to see you soon!

YouthEd Happenings


This Sunday, we began our studies on “My Prayer Filled Life” written by Rev. Diane Venzera.

This curriculum is based on Unity’s beliefs about affirmative prayer and meditation and encourages children to explore their own beliefs through story, community activities, and creative expression. 

Included in the lessons are simple mindfulness techniques designed to help children quiet their energy and tune inwardly. 

Kids Corner

Prayer is a way we can connect with the God with us and affirm all the good in our lives.  There is no one way to pray. 

We can pray sitting down or standing up. We can pray at the beginning of the say or just before sleep. We can pray inside our home or outside under a tree. We can pray for others, or we can pray for ourselves.

We can pray any which way. All we need to do is quiet our mind and tune into our heart. 

Here are some children and teens sharing when and why they pray:  I Pray

For Parents

Unity uses “affirmative prayer” that focused on connecting with the spirit of God within and claiming positive beliefs about a desired outcome. This differs from traditional prayer that often involves beseeching God for help. 

For instance, a traditional pray might say: “Please God, help me with this situation.” Affirmative prayer, by contrast, might say: “Under Divine grace and in a perfect way, I am now guided to the right solution for my current situation.”

“Affirmative prayer reflects the certainty that we are each being led to our highest good, despite any temporary appearances.” – from Unity Worldwide Ministries

Here is a beautiful example:  Affirmative Prayer for Guidance

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs.”

Matthew 19:14


FOR KIDS (and Families)

FREE MANDALAS - Here's an online resource for free printable Mandalas that your children and family might enjoy coloring.  Click HERE.  Playing some calming music in the background while they color is also nice, such as: Soothing Music. This is a great way to connect with that quiet presence within.


MASAKA KIDS AFRICANA - Here's a cool dance video from halfway around the world. The children in this video have experienced great loss but come together in joy through the healing power of dance.  Maybe you can pick up a few steps and dance along!  Click here to watch: Masaka Kids Africana.


FOLKTALE FROM AFRICA - Ever wonder how the first music came to be?  

Well, here is a folktale from Africa that tells that story:  The First Music:  Folktale from Africa


HAWAIIAN FAIRY TALE: What do you think happens when a very hungry magic shark comes upon three little pigs, each in their own handmade home?  Check out this Hawaiian version of The Three Little Pigs and find out:  The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark.  


Want to color your own butterfly?  Here is a link to free downloads: Butterfly Coloring Page.  

You might enjoy playing some relaxing music as you color: Relaxing Music.  

Here are two drawings that you can use as finger labyrinths for quiet meditation. Simply the path with your finger slowly and carefully. Classical Finger Labyrinth and 

Chartres Finger Labyrinth


TEDTALK - Here's a wonderful TedTalk by seven-year-old Molly Wright, one of the youngest-ever TED speakers. Molly raises an important question: "What if I was to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?"   Molly breaks down a researched-backed way parents and caregivers can support the healthy development of a child. Check it out here: How Every Child Can Thrive by Five.


IMPORTANCE OF FAIRY TALES - Reading fairy tales (and other tales of wonder) has beneficial effects on children. These include: sparking the imagination, managing strong emotions, encouraging problem solving, and knowing that even when hard things happen, goodness can come from the experience.  

Here’s a short article that tells more: 5 Reasons to Tell Fairy Tales


FAIRY TALES, FABLES & FOLK TALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD - Looking for something new to read to your child? Here’s an idea! Reading stores to children from different countries not only helps them learn about diverse cultures, but it also helps them discover ways in which people are similar, no matter where they call home. Here is a wonder website filled with fairy tales, fables, and folk tales from around the world: Fairy Talez 


Enjoy sharing these stories from North, Central, and South America filled with native wisdom with your children: Native American Fairy Tales, Folktales and Fables


Studies have shown that stress in children has risen in recent years.

Providing children with simple ways to calm down and center their energy helps bring greater harmony to the child, their family and by extension, the world.

Check this out: Ways to Calm Down and Self-Regulate for Kids