Event Listing

Sundays: 830am Quiet Prayer; 9am Coffee + Connection; 10am Service & Youth Ed


June 15    Sat) Ruminations: Transforming Being; an evening of Zikr, poetry & Sufi whirling, 7pm
June 16    Book Series Ch 6, Rev Ginny Stuve, 10am 
June 19    Weds) Women's Resilience Group (Open), 5pm, UL 
June 23    Book Series Ch 7, Barry Roberts LUT, 10am 
June 29    Sat) Minister Candidate Presentation: Rev Gail Dobert, 10-11:30am 
June 29    Sat) Rythym of Life Drum Circle w/ Pete and Rachael, 7pm, Love Offering

June 30    Sunday Service w/ Minister Candidate Rev Gail Dobert + Q & A, 10am
All July     DAIS Fundraiser: Christmas in July
July 06     Sat) Minister Candidate Presentation: Rev Evin Wilkins, 10-11:30am
July 07     Sunday Service w/ Minister Candidate Rev Evin Wilkins + Q & A, 10am
July 13     Sat) Chakra Meditation: Divine Feminine Within, Rahbi Crawford, 7pm, $15
July 14     DAIS Guest Speaker, 10am
July 16     Tues) Metaphysics Class w/ Barry Roberts LUT; 6:30pm LL (4 weeks)
July 21     Guest Speaker Ari-John White-Wolf, 10am

Aug 11     Unity Summer Picnic



Sundays:  830am Quiet Prayer; 9am Coffee + Connection; 10am Service & Youth Ed

Kids start service with us! 10am, S 
Drum Circle: 2nd Sunday before service, @ 9:30am, S
Social Justice: 3rd Sunday, 11:30am, UL
Ancient Wisdom: Every other Sunday, 3-5:15pm; $10, S

Psychics Unite: Every other Monday, 6:30pm; UL

16-Step Women's Discovery OPEN Group: 7 - 8pm; UL

Resilience Women OPEN Group, 5pm, Love Offering, UL

Intention Group OPEN: 1st and 3rd Thurdays, 7pm, UL

Fellowship Friday: 10am, TBD (Check Calendar)
Prayer Shawl Ministry: 1st Friday, 10am, Lakeside St. Coffee. (No meeting in July)
Sound Healing w/ Vishal: 1st & 3rd Friday, $10, UL
Sacred Journeying Circle: 2nd & 4th Friday, 7pm, $20, UL

Men's Breakfast: 2nd Saturday, 9 -11am; LL
Satsang: 2nd Saturday, noon - 4pm, LL  (No Satsang in July)