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Meet Our Minister and Staff

Reverend Judy Pilat

Interim Transitional Minister Reverend Carla McClellan

Nov 2018: Please welcome our Interim Transitional Minister, Rev. Carla McClellan!

"Rev Coach Carla" is an ordained Unity minister, certified Life Coach, and leadership trainer.  She empowers and inspires others to come alive to a purposeful and meaningful life.  She loves to draw the best out of people and organizations so that life becomes easier and fun while effectively making a difference in the world.  She has been called your soul’s best friend.

Rev Coach Carla will join Barry Roberts, LUT, facilitator of our Community Meeting on Saturday, December 1st , 10am - noon.  They will guide us in a group "Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet" process as we explore who we are as a community today and what Unity of Madison is looking for as we search for a new, full-time minister in 2019.  Rev Carla will also speak the first 2 Sundays in December, all 4 Sundays in January, 2 Sundays in late February including our 2019 Annual Meeting (Feb 24) and 2 additional Sundays.

Rev Coach Carla is full of wisdom, enthusiasm, and is excited to join us during this time of transition.

Jonathan Motley, Office Staff

Jonathan Motley, Office Administrator

Jonathan dabbled in Unity of Madison at the end of Rev Roger Goodwin's time here then returned in August 2009 to support one of the Sufi ladies lead peace dances with the Unity kids.  The thoughtful, inclusive spiritual message he heard that day from Rev Marshall Norman was a pleasant surprise and he's never left us.  In addition to years of volunteering with our Prayer Chaplain and Youth Ed ministries, Jonathan has served as our Office Administrator since April 2016.  Jonathan brings his enthusiasm and preference for structure and order plus years of experience in sales and Emotional Intilligence dynamics to support all aspects of Unity of Madison.


deb lucas youth education teacherHelen Kenyon, Interim Director Youth and Family Ministry

Info coming.






Pete Calgaro Music and Choir DirectorPete Calgaro, Music & Choir Director

Pete Calgaro has been a church musician since he was 10 years old, playing a massive pipe organ in his hometown Catholic Church. Over the years, he has been a Music Director for several Catholic Churches in Illinois and the Madison area. After a spiritual awakening, he discovered the Unity movement. He has been the Music Director at Unity of Madison since the summer of 2006. He directs the Unity of Madison Vocal and Chime Choirs, plays drums in the Unity Jazz Band, and also leads the Kirtan group Indra Adhira. 


Diane Gould Bookstore ManagerDiane Gould, Bookstore Manager

Diane has been a member of Unity of Madison since 1984, and has served in many capacities including: usher, bookkeeper, chair of hospitality, uniteen teacher, chair of women's retreat committee, co-chair of couples group,  board of trustees member and alternate, prayer chaplain and bookstore manager.  She has been a nurse since 1971 and has worked in many different areas.   Diane currently works as a contract nurse case manager for the National Guard, and is also President of her Condominium Association.