Board of Trustees

Unity Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees guides the church spiritually and financially. While the work of the Board often involves budgets, personnel, and facilities, the board members also support the church through their tithes, their prayers, and their commitment to apply Unity principles to any situation.  

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Meet our Board

Laura Shaffer Board of Trustees



 - Laura Shaffer, President









- Steve Roberts, Vice President








- Carol Marshall, Treasurer








 - Jean Tupper






Joy Morgan Board of Trustee Candidate 2017



- Joy Morgen








- Elaine Stebleton









- Dwight Tell








- Kay Frazier








Board Affirmation:

“As entrusted representatives of the Unity of Madison community, we lay a foundation of support by monitoring the financial health and well-being of our spiritual home, maintaining and developing church properties, and modeling spiritual integrity so that all who attend feel welcome and grow spiritually.”

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