Prayer Support

affirmative prayer opportunities at unity of madison

Prayer at Unity of Madison


Spiritual Care Team Ministry

Our Prayer Chaplain Ministry empowers people to pray with one another.  This Ministry is for congregants who are truly looking to take the next step in the development of their spiritual growth by being of service to our community.  As such, our Prayer Chaplains and Keepers of Flame make a one-year commitment in fulfilling their responsibilities.  These responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Serving at services monthly (available for one-on-one prayer following service)
Making monthly prayer calls to assigned congregants
One hour and fifteen-minute Spiritual Care Team Meeting per month
Hold sacred space during services and board meetings
Yearly off and on-site intensive training

Prayer Chaplains provide monthly prayer calls to anyone who would like to receive additional prayer support. Prayer chaplains are assigned to congregants at the beginning of their one-year term of service in September. Please contact the Unity of Madison office if you would like to receive these monthly prayer calls. (  

Silent Unity can be reached at this site.

Prayer Request Box
There is a Prayer Box at the front of the sanctuary where anyone can put in a request for prayer.  The Prayer Chaplains will offer prayer for these requests and then the prayer requests will be sent to Silent Unity for an additional 30 days of prayer support.

World Day of Prayer
Every year Unity churches all over the world come together in September for 24 hours to pray and lift up the world in and event call World Day of Prayer.  Our Prayer Chaplains coordinate prayer and activities during so congregants can also participate in this important day.