Prayer Chaplain Josie Collins

My name is Josie Collins and I was first introduced to Unity in 1986.  As many before me have said, it was like coming “home!” The teaching and principles have been such a wonderful, solid foundation on my spiritual journey.  I have been and Elementary School Teacher, went on to get my Masters in Counseling and worked in the addiction and grief counseling field for most of my career.  I also studied, and, then became a Certified Professional Life Coach since 1999.

I lived and worked in Tucson, AZ from 2002-2012.  After experiencing a very serious depression due to multiple losses, I moved back “home” to be closer to my family and friends.  I returned to Unity of Madison and I began to realize that, even though Unity is based on prayer and meditation, I knew how to meditate but I did not feel well versed in affirmative prayer. Through that experience, I decided I wanted to become a prayer chaplain, not only to learn how to pray better myself, but to bring more prayer consciousness into our church community.

I have been a prayer chaplain since 2018 and have been the prayer chaplain coordinator since 2020.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve on this team and in our church community.


Prayer Chaplain Marylynne Mehl


My name is Marylynne Mehl and I've been a member of Unity of Madison since 1995. I found out about Unity after a close friend died and a mutual friend suggested I might want to check this church out. It was just what I wanted/needed at that time and I became a member later in that year. 

I became a prayer chaplain in August of 2020. The experience has been such a meaningful one. I am humbled and so moved to be trusted with people's prayer requests and to be able to provide a time of prayer and sacred connection. The experience has enhanced my sense of the Divine Spirit that exists within each one of us. I am very grateful to be able to serve our community in this capacity.


Prayer Chaplain Rymii Kaio

My name is Rymii Kaio.  I have served as a prayer chaplain at Unity of Seattle for 8 years, Unity Spiritual Center of Spokane for 3 years, and Unity of Madison since August 2021.  I have a strong meditation and prayer practice which enjoy doing every morning.  It is a joy to pray with others on the Sunday I am the prayer chaplain and daily for all the people that have requested prayer during the week.  I also feel honored to make monthly prayer calls to those on my prayer list. 

Professionally, I worked for 31 years in several different positions at U S West, a telecommunications company.  My favorite jobs were as a diversity specialist and organization development manager.  After retiring from US West, I worked as a child and family therapist.  My last career was as an operations manager at Seattle Unity Church.  Truthfully, I have loved all my jobs and I feel grateful for the variety of work assignments I had.

Personally, I am a grandmother of three amazing grandsons who I hiked with frequently in 2020 during Covid.  It was a wonderful way to explore state parks near Madison and get to know more about the natural wonders in Wisconsin. 
I volunteer as a Court Observer for Nehemiah’s Court Advocacy Program.  I observer criminal justice hearings and document my observations which are then analyzed for demographics and other trends.  We have successfully advocated for change with the Dane County Sheriff’s department.  It has made a difference for folks who are incarcerated in the Dane County Jail.


Prayer Chaplain Jamie Gaylor

I started attending Unity of Madison services in the autum of 2019, shortly before Rev. Wilkins and Mindy arrived.  I imediatly felt the acceptence of the Unity of Madison community, and could sense that this was a community dedicated to its teachings.  It was apparent to me that the community was dedicated to the spirit of God, and to service to its community, and the Madison area community at large.  I am honored to now be a member, and part of the Prayer Chaplain team.

I am originally from Madison, attended West High, then MATC.  I moved to Portland OR in 1981, working primarily with a NW regional Medical Insurance company.  Soon after arriving in Portland my heart was opened to the spiritual path, to my great suprise,  leading me to a great and varied tour of many spiritual traditions.  I returned to Madison area in late summer of 2019, and reside near lake Mendota in Middleton.  I work with a  Wisconsin Medical Insurance co. in Madison.