Youth & Family Ministry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are Unity Youth & Family Ministry classes? 
Unity Youth class is held on Sundays from 10 a.m. until the end of service, which is usually around 11:10 a.m. Unity of Madison is located at 601 Tompkins Drive, Madison, WI 53716.

If class is cancelled, how can I find out? 
We will send an email to parents, or you can check our latest posts on our Facebook, Unity of Madison.

Do I have to be a member of the church to bring my child to Unity Youth & Family Ministry? 
No and you don’t even have to attend the service. You must, however, be in the building in case we need you to help with your child if something comes up that needs a parent’s attention. 

What if my child doesn’t like class or needs me?
We will come get you right away.

What if we aren’t very religious and my child doesn’t understand what God is? 
Then Unity is perfect for you and your child! Unity believes that God is everywhere and is love, so when we talk about God, we’re talking about strength, power, love, gratitude, etc., and use these terms synonymously. We also welcome questions so encourage your child to ask away during class if they’re hearing new terms. 

What ages can attend Unity Youth & Family Ministry? 
Ages 3 and above, but we can make exceptions for kids younger if it makes sense and is a good fit. We currently have a small group of children, ages ranging from 3 to 8, that are taught together, and it works well. But we’d love to see any kids from any age group!

What if my child has special needs? 
We welcome them and will meet them where they are. You can tell the teacher any specifics you like or how we can help make your child’s time at Unity comfortable. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?
No. If your child has a diaper that needs changing, fill out a form to approve the teacher or volunteer to change it and we can change it. However, in most cases if there’s a diaper that needs changing, we’ll just come get you and you can change them. 

Is there a changing table? 
Yes, in the bathrooms in the basement.

Can I rent the Youth space at Unity of Madison for a kid’s event?
Yes! Email to share your plans and for more information. 

Are there internships available at Madison Unity Youth & Family Ministry?
Yes! Send an email to for more information and to find out if they are currently available. 

Can I sit in and watch the class?
Absolutely! And if you'd like to volunteer, please email the Unity Youth & Family Ministry Coordinator at