Meet our Spiritual Care Team

2021 Spiritual Care Team

Prayer Chaplain Committment

We have a committed group who serve the congregation as a part of our Spiritual Care Team.  We adhere to these four basic tenants:

  1. hold sacred space
  2. lovingly listen
  3. pray from the heart
  4. hold in confidence all that we hear

Meet our Spiritual Care Team:

Josie Collins, Coordinator

Kari Henn, Prayer Chaplain

Diane Gould, Prayer Chaplain

Jeanie Verschay, Prayer Chaplain

Marylynne Mehl, Prayer Chaplain

Chris Eckman, Prayer Chaplain

Pat O'Laughlin, Prayer Chaplain

Heather Rabata, Keeper of the Flame

Angela Hall, Keeper of the Flame

Mindy Wilkins, Keeper of the Flame