Spiritual Care Team Services

hold sacred space

What does the Spiritual Care Team do?

The Unity of Madison Spiritual Care Team consists of our Spiritual Care Team Coordinator, Prayer Chaplains and Keepers of the Flame.

Hold Sacred Space

On Sundays

Our Keepers of the Flame hold sacred space for the highest good for all.  

At Other Times

Keepers of the Flame hold sacred space for all kinds of occasions.  We will sit quietly, not interacting, and hold a sacred space of possibilities.  If you would like us to hold space at your next meeting, send your request to our Spiritual Care Team Coordinator by clicking here or call the Unity office at 608-221-1376.

Pray with Others

On Sundays

Our Prayer Chaplains pray with you after service for any concern or gratitude.  What is said to us in those times will not be brought up again, unless you bring it up to us.  We pray and release the concern to God.

Wellness Calls

Upon request, the Unity of Madison community can receive a monthly wellness call from one of the Prayer Chaplains.  These calls are to share prayers with you for any and all joys and concerns.  They are also a regular connection to Unity of Madison, especially for those unable to attend services or events regularly.  All information is held in the strictest of confidence.  Prayers are released to Spirit and not brought again unless you bring it up.  Information can be shared with the current minister, or put in the community prayer box, but only by your request.  For more information: please contact our Spiritual Care Team Coordinator by clicking here