Spiritual Care Team Overview

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About Our Spiritual Care Team Ministry

What we do:

A member of our Spiritual Care Team is a lay person who functions as an extension of the pastoral ministry of the congregation.  We are not counselors or ordained ministers.  We are congregation members who wants to serve and to grow spiritually.  Being a member of this ministry is transformative soul work as it deepens one's spiritual path through prayer and service.  No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to serve as a member of our team.


  • Our available to support others on their spiritual journey.
  • Create and hold sacred space.
  • Lovingly listen and hold what is heard in the strictest of confidence, meaning that what is shared with us is not discussed with anyone else, including the person who made the initial prayer request (ie listen, pray and release).
  • Pray with others.

We serve during Sunday services several times a month, hold spiritual space and pray with congregants after services. We also make monthly wellness calls to congregants who request them.

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How do I join the Spiritual Care Team?

We offer annual Spiritual Care Team trainings in September of each year. Please contact Spiritual Care Team Coordinator, Josie Collins at unityofmadisonprayerchaplain@gmail.com for more information.