Care & Support

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching at Unity of Madison is centered upon reflective listening and a foundation of prayer that reminds us that we always are immersed in Spirit.  We come to understand that the Christ Nature within all of us provides the potential to guide us in what needs to be healed or learned. Spiritual Coaching helps us understand how spiritual principles are playing out in the situations and stories of our lives. We gain a deeper understanding of these principles and become more aware of the blocks that keep us from tapping into our unlimited potential. 

Weddings, Spiritual Unions & Special Ceremonies

Unity of Madison is an inclusive and welcoming, non-denominational spiritual community.  Our beautiful sanctuary and church grounds are available for weddings, spiritual unions, and special ceremonies.  All are welcome!  Weddings at Unity of Madison are open to everyone regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious or spiritual background.   .

Baptisms and Christenings

Unity believes that spiritual baptism/christening signifies the inflowing of the Holy Spirit within an individual.  The ceremony is designed to honor the Christ Nature within the individual and bless them as beloved children of God.

 Please contact the church office for more information at 608-221-1376 or CLICK HERE to email us.