Planning For Our Future - Part 2: Saturday, March 25

The Planning For Our Future (PFOF) brainstorming and strategic planning process that we launched in January continues on Saturday, March 25th from 10am* to 1pm.  Please join us as we review the results of the “BRAG, WORRY, WONDER, BET” discussion and move into the important next steps of identifying our priorities and defining what success will look like.

The participants in our first session submitted a total of 310 comments, observations, ideas, and questions in the four categories identified above.  There were:

2017 Annual Meeting and Board Election Notice


Tyrone Bell and Diane Pauly completed their terms as Trustees; many thanks and deep appreciation for all your time, effort and guiding wisdom.

Joy Morgen and Laura Shaffer were elected to fill the 2 open Trustee positions.
Fern Langenberger and Jean Tupper accepted the Board's invitation to serve as Alternate Trustees.

We will be installing the new Board of Trustees this coming Sunday 03/05 during both services.  Please join us in acknowledging these wonderful folks.


16-Step Women's Discovery and Empowerment Group (ongoing)

Based on Dr Charlotte Kasl's 16-Step Recovery program ("Many Roads, One Journey"). Open to all women looking for empowerment and healing. Held Tuesdays; 7 - 8pm in Upper Level, facilitated by Karen L. This is an ongoing group and drop-ins are welcome every week. This group is presented on a Love Offering basis.

From Dr Kasl's website:

16-Steps for Discovery and Empowerment


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