How Charles and Myrtle Met

Here is a biographical note for the week of Valentine's Day.
Charles Fillmore was born in 1854 in Indian Territory (later MN) near where the Sauk River meets the Mississippi. In 1874 he moved to the town of Caddo in Indian Territory just north of  Texas's northern border because a cousin told him it was a town full of opportunity.  He found that life in Caddo involved a lot of drunken cowboys shooting up the town and creating general havoc nightly so within two months he was living and working in Denniston, Texas. He joined a literary society of young adults who met  to discuss philosophy, literature and to recite poetry.
Myrtle Page was born in 1845 in Pagetown, Ohio. In 1867 she attended Oberlin College to take the one year course that women were allowed to take at that time. She moved to Clintonville, MO in 1868 and worked as a school teacher until she had an episode of consumption and  her doctors told her she needed a drier climate if she wanted to live. Denniston, TX was a popular place for consumption patients to move to for a drier climate so in the mid 1870's Myrtle moved there. She worked as a tutor and got involved in local church and temperance activities and joined the local literary society.
One evening in 1876 Myrtle recited a poem she had written at a literary society meeting and Charles was smitten. He later said that evening was their first meeting and when he saw and heard her a voice in his head said " There's your wife Charles." Myrtle found Charles attractive though she was not as instantly specific about long term plans as Charles was.
In the interest of brevity I will skip more details of their courtship but it involved considerable correspondence because they each moved to different states. They were married in the evening of March 29, 1881 and boarded a train at 9 pm that same evening to begin the trip to their new home in Gunneston, CO.