unity of madison lending libraryAra Helen MacDonald Library

What We Do

The Unity Library, available to anyone, is located in the lower level.  Get some coffee from Hospitality and browse our collection of books and CDs. We have a good selection of meditation, music and lecture CDs.
Our policy for borrowing materials has changed. We no longer require that books and CDs be formally checked out.  If you wish to borrow an item, take it home, enjoy it and bring it back within a few weeks to a month so that others may have it available.  You no longer need to fill out "check-out" slips, a true "honor system."
In addition we will periodically have materials we no longer can use on the library table.  They will be labeled as free (free to a good home!).

How You Can Help

Ara Helen MacDonald Library volunteers tend the library collection, processing new additions to the shelves, weeding out old, damaged books and other media and greeting those who come to the library.  With just a bit of training about library procedures, you can join our team.
Diana Bott & Nancy Keeney, Library Team

More Information

Contact Diana Bott at 608-222-1417 or