Youth Ed Volunteer Opportunity

Seeking Volunteers (super easy & fun, I promise!)

Facilitating the spiritual kids circle on Sunday mornings has been fulfilling beyond what I could have imagined. If you think you might enjoy hanging out with the kids and I sometime, please email me, Jessica, at to get the ball rolling, and answer any questions you may have.

You can try it out once before committing, and if you enjoy it, you can choose your cadence of volunteering.

I've got one more 2023 volunteer opportunity available for Dec 10, and I *just* created the 2024 volunteer calendar, which is wide open for volunteer dates to choose from.

As a volunteer, you have some options:

You can simply show up and follow my lead for our class (it's about 1-1.5 hours per time), OR

We can co-plan your volunteer day to share something you're passionate about, OR

You can lead or share, and I will follow your lead

Activity ideas off the top of my head:


craft & building activities



Outdoor activities


So far our activities have centered around things like gratitude, self love, empowerment, kindness, showing love to Mother Earth, upcycling & imagination, expressing kindness, talking about ways we can make a positive impact through our actions and words, community building, supporting each other, releasing heavy thoughts/feelings/beliefs, etc.

Since Unity's principles are so universal, we can easily weave in most volunteer ideas while staying in alignment with Unity's principles.

If you'd like to talk about becoming a volunteer, let's chat! Contact me at