Unity of Madison Resources

unity of madison resources

Technical Troubleshooting (Sunday Livestream Service)

Frozen screen or video stops streaming

 - Refresh your screen or reboot your computer.

"Sorry this media is offline" message

 - This message displays until the Sunday service begins. The video will automatically begin shortly before the service. (There will be no sound until the service officially begins at 10:00am.)

Play button is not visible on the streaming frame

 - Hover your mouse over the livestream frame. Play and pause buttons should appear. 

No sound on stream 

 - Please note that the sound is muted until the service official begins at 10:00am.

- Sometimes the mute is turned on by default. You may need to unmute as a result. Hover your mouse over the live streaming screen and you'll see gray buttons for sound, play, etc. show up. Click the sound button if yours is muted by default.


Report any issues you are having to techservices@unityofmadison.org.



Our bookstore has re-opened!  You can visit before and after our 10 am Sunday Service or it may be accessed online here: https://bookshop.org/shop/unityofmadison.

The Unity of Madison bookstore, located on the first floor, has a nice selection of books and gifts.  Music CDs from our many talented musicians also are available.


Lending Library

The Lending Library is on the lower level and can be accessed anytime the church is open.  The library is unattended, there is no "checkout" system.  Take what you like to read or listen to, and return the item(s) when finished so others can enjoy as well.



Our labyrinth is open and anyone is welcome to walk it at any time. A labyrinth walk can be meditative and relaxing as you find your way along just one path to the center and one path out.  All are welcome to enjoy our labyrinth, located on the NW corner of our front lawn.