Shamanic Event

Learn Shamanic Journeying. 

Receive Support. 

Connect with community. 

Share your experiences in an intimate, ceremonial setting.

Be the Light.

Journeying helps us to..

  • Access wisdom & clarity for personal healing and self development.
  • Manifest the changes you’re ready to make in your life.
  • Dissolve the energetic blocks holding you back.
  • Activate deeper levels of your intuition while gaining confidence to trust and follow it more often.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with ancestors, spirit guides, power animals, Higher Self and Spirit.
  • Receive clear and consistent guidance from all of the above!
  • Connect with like-minded community.
  • Integrate the practical, empowering, enriching, life-changing benefits of shamanic journeying.
  • Learn the basics to ensure safe & successful journeys.

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