World Healing Meditation

The World Healing Meditation, led by our Prayer Chaplains, will be held at 6 am, Dec. 31 in the Sanctuary.

Charles Fillmore wrote about world peace on many occasions. One passage that is particularly applicable to this time of year can be found in the book Atom-Smashing Power of the Mind which is a selection of articles by Charles that had appeared in Unity magazine beginning in 1898. Charles loved science and found it completely compatible with spirituality. In the following excerpts from chapter 6 you can see how, in the language of the time it was written, Charles brings science and spirituality together in a practical Unity application for world peace:

"People everywhere on earth are now realizing as never before that the well-being of this world rests with its inhabitants. It is no longer a religious or a philosophical theory that the destiny of the race is in the hands of man. God has given all things to us to use as we shall determine. We can use the atomic energy to destroy or construct as we decree. "Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death." … Those who have gone on living without seeking the wisdom of the source of life are now asking what shall be done to save us from the insanity that would destroy our world. …

This is not a religious question but a matter of life and death; not a question of hell after death but of survival here and now of everybody and everything one holds dear. There are Hitlers still alive and others reincarnating. They must all be educated morally and be taught the nearness of the spiritual man and the necessity of his incorporation into the consciousness of the natural man before permanent life can be established in the individual. This work is to be done right here on this planet, and for this reason we who love the Lord and greatly desire that His law be fulfilled are calling on all people to make haste and accept the abundant life and light he so freely offers.

The Bible records many instances where marvelous results followed the observance of religious rites in which trumpets took a leading part….the walls of Jericho fell as a result of trumpets and voice vibrations …The trumpet sets up sharp vibrations in the ether, which cause disintegration when they impinge upon an object in the mental or material realms….Trained metaphysicians produce like effects through the spiritual word, uttered audibly or silently or both. It is in this field that Unity people are destined to do a great work in helping to educate people everywhere. By declaring and decreeing spiritually the words of Jesus and Jehovah we send into the ether a spiritual force that shatters the fixed states of consciousness holding millions in evil ways. In this way the doors of mental prisons will be opened to multitudes of sin-bound souls. Anyone who has faith in Spirit and the power of the word spoken in faith can send it forth, and like the radio oscillation, it will be picked up by receptive minds everywhere."

Pray with us in person or from wherever you are. Together, we will join in consciousness of the infinite presence of Spirit as Love, Life, Wisdom and Peace in our world.