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Current Happenings in Youth Ed


June 13 & 20, 2021


This Sunday, June 13... we're back in person! The theme is "Pride" in honor of pride month and to go with the topic of Rev. Evin's talk. We'll celebrate all the colors of the rainbow and the things that make each of us unique. Meet upstairs in Youth Ed!

Next Sunday, June 20... we will again gather upstairs and have a class based on Rev. Evin's topic of the day.

As we come back together in person, masks are encouraged, especially when we meet indoors, but we will leave it to each family to make their own decisions. We will also practice social distancing for children not in the same family group. When we venture outside, masks and social distancing are not as critical since our numbers are few and we will have plenty of fresh air. 


Save the Date! June 27, 2021... Welcome back party!


Stay tuned for news and updates about an outdoor party to be held on Sunday, June 27! We'll do outdoor games and have snacks, similar to an event we held last fall.


We hope you'll join us!

















Nursery care and Youth Education lessons are offered during our 10am Sunday service. Children must be signed-in and picked up by the same parent, guardian or caretaker. 

Nursery for Infants and Toddlers (0-3 years) 

Our nursery is staffed by qualified child care providers. Our main focus with this age group is to reinforce the concept that Spirit is within us, around us, everywhere present and loves us unconditionally. This is done through loving care of your child, music and movement, creative projects thematic to the time of year and appropriate group and individual play.

UniTots (Pre-school through Kindergarten)

The beginnings of metaphysical interpretation are introduced here. Children are introduced to Jesus as a person who had challenges and difficulties but created a relationship with God that helped him to move through these challenges with loving kindness and generosity.

UniKids (Grades 1-3 and 4-5)

The child learns to understand that Jesus was a human being who lived as an example of God moving in and through us. The children learn that we are inherently good and have choices in actions.

UniTeens (Grades 6-8)

UniTeens learn to be receptive to the idea that God is a mental attitude that works in and through us. They learn to understand that they are the creator of their own world through the thoughts they give power to and what they choose to see and believe. They begin to gain the ability to look past the literal appearance of a situation and to focus on the good the situation brings. They learn that the Kingdom of God is within them and that we each have the power to live and do as Jesus did.

Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) (Grades 9-12)

Our high school age kids learn to look past the initial appearance of a situation and to focus on the inherent good of every person. They learn that the Kingdom of God is within them and that we each have the power to live and do as Jesus did.