Youth Ed Room

I've been wanting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the youth ed room for a while, and thanks to the beautiful wool rug donated by Jan Reek on behalf of Chris Dreger, I’ve felt inspired to begin this project.  

Chris recently passed, so I asked Jan to please share something brief about Chris for me to include for those of us that didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her. Here’s what Jan said:

“Chris Dreger was a member of the Unity family for many, many years, beginning our small church on Winnequah Road. She shared her love and music with the congregation as church organist and member of Joyful Noise. We will always remember you, Chris.”

And thank you, Jan, for passing along this beautiful rug! It will anchor our group for our sacred circle sharing time, and will inspire the theme of our space as I continue to create an inviting place to be.

Now that I’ve put the rug into place, and done a little rearranging and reorganizing, the room is already feeling cozier. 

There are a few things I'd like to add, so I thought I'd ask if you have anything you aren't using that you wouldn't mind cleaning up and bringing in for our space :)

1) Art smocks or large cotton t-shirts that can be used as smocks. Aprons would work too. 

2) Salt or stone lamps for our new sacred circle area. (I can clean the salt lamp for you- they seem to require special cleaning).

3) Warm toned fairy lights.

3) Wooden clothespins, natural color, in great shape (they'll be used for a photo display).

4) philodendron or pothos potted plants or clippings, or other easy to care for plants that do well in indirect sunlight. 

5) Terracotta pots.

6) Large fabric pieces or table cloths in patterns and colors that match our new rug. They will serve as tablecloths for 3 of our tables (one is small and round, one is a small square end table, and one is a small folding rectangle table.)

7) Medium to large baskets made of natural materials- any shape and depth is fine.